WOAI/Unlimited is World of AI's second, work in progress, collection that aims to provide cheap & easy access to text-to-image generation via NFTs. With no supply cap and competitive pricing Unlimited aims to be the most cost-effective & quickest way to interact with text-to-image generation AI systems.

Key Stats

  • Total supply: unlimited

  • Mint price: cost-based

  • Royalties: 2.5% (received by the creator of the NFT in supported services)

  • Launch: TBD

Collection Data

  • Name: World of AI/Unlimited

  • Token symbol: WOAI/U

  • Description: Generalised & automated NFT generation system utilising text-to-media AI

  • Technology: ERC721 on an L2/Polygon (TBD), JSON-data on AWS, & media on IPFS

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