WOAI/Zero is World of AI's inaugural proof-of-concept collection consisting of 2500 pieces generated based on user input using Open AI's DALL-E 2 engine.

Key Stats

  • Total supply: 2500

  • Mint price: 0.05 ETH

  • Royalty: 2.5%

  • Launch: Sep 6, 2022 at 12:00pm UTC

Collection Data

  • Name: World of AI/Zero

  • Token symbol: WOAI/Z

  • Description: AI-generated art based on user-given inputs

  • Technology: ERC721 on Ethereum Mainnet, JSON-data & artwork hosted on S3 with planned migration to IPFS

  • Collection attributes

    • Ungenerated: False/True(this trait defaults to True and changes to False when the NFT owner requests their AI art generation)

    • Failed: False/True (this trait defaults to False and changes to True if the art generation request was invalid)

    • More may be added prior to IPFS migration

Secondary Markets

Allocations & Treasury

You can view the state of the WOAI treasury at woai.eth

WOAI/Zero NFT distribution

Reserved WOAI/Zeros will be distributed as follows:

  • 10 in referral bounty: the address with most referrals on Jan 1, 2023 (or when the collection has sold out, depending on which happens first) will receive 10 non-generated WOAI/Zero NFTs

  • 50 for the help received prior to launch. Discretionary. Unallocated Zeros will be usable in a discretionary manner.

  • 5 reserved to be distributed to the best pieces generated by WOAI/Zero owners. Discretionary.

  • 50 reserved for various bounties.

  • 10 for Juuso (the hobbyist behind the project).

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