Minting WOAI/Zero

Generating your WOAI/Zero is a two-step process. Minting gives you the NFT, generating creates its image content. To mint a WOAI/Zero:

Using the native interface

  1. Connect your wallet

  2. Choose the amount of WOAI/Zeros you'd like to mint (between 1 and 10)

  3. [Optional] Click the "Referred?" checkbox if someone referred you. Enter their address in the textbox that follows.

  4. Click the "Mint x WOAI" -button

  5. Approve the transaction in your wallet

If the native interface is not working for you, use Etherscan instead! Find the instructions below.

Referral Bounty

We will give the top referer 10 non-generated WOAI/Zeros based on the rankings when all the WOAI/Zeros have been minted or on Jan 1, 2023, whichever is reached first. Anyone can become a referrer.

Share a link to the zero.woai.io minting interface along with the address to which you wish to receive your Referral Bounty. Entering the referral code is as easy as ticking the "Referred?"-box and entering the referral address into the text field that appears.

Using Etherscan

  1. Connect your wallet

  2. Open the "4. mintWoai" tab

  3. Enter 0.05 to the mintWoai (payableAmount (ether)) field.

  4. Enter 1 to the numberOfTokens (uint256) field.

  5. [Optional] [Note] This mints you 1 WOAI/Zero. You can mint up to 10 WOAI per transaction. To mint more than one WOAI/Zero, you will need to increment both the number of tokens and the payable amount proportionally.

  6. Click "Write"

  7. Approve the transaction in your wallet

Referral bounty

To mark a referrer, follow the above instructions and use the mintAndRefer function instead. Enter the address of the referrer in the "referrer (address)" -field.

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