Only 25 WOAI/Zeros can be generated per day!

Setting the generator value costs gas. The longer the message, the more gas it costs. This is separate from the minting cost.

Generating WOAI/Zero

Generating your WOAI/Zero is a two-step process. Minting gives you the NFT, generating creates its image content. To generate a WOAI/Zero:

Using the native interface

  1. Connect your wallet

  2. Navigate to the "Generate" -tab

  3. Enter your token ID (i.e. the number of your NFT (e.g. 1234))

  4. Write the text you want DALL-E 2 to convert into an image to the "Generator value" textbox. The maximum length of the generator text is 256 characters (some characters may count as more). Make sure this is the correct text. You can only set the generator value once.

  5. Click the "Set value" -button

  6. Approve the transaction in your browser

  7. Wait for up to 7 days for the metadata and image to sync and show up across the web

Using Etherscan

  1. Find the setGeneratorValue -function and open the tab.

  2. Enter the ID of your WOAI/Zero NFT in the tokenId (uint256) -field

  3. Enter the message you want to use for generating the NFT image in the genVal (string) -field. The maximum length is 256 characters (some characters may count as more); any longer will fail.

  4. Click the "Write" -button and approve the transaction in your wallet.

You can check if the generator is paused by calling the generationPaused -function! If it returns false you are good to set a generator message!

Tips for choosing a good generator value

  • Describe the style you want, such as "in the style of Picasso", "photographic", or "post-modern"

    • Using the keyword "digital render" creates very sharp images

  • Use simple but precise terminology

  • Describe all the relevant objects and attributes

Looking for inspiration? View existing Zeros on the View -tab!

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