What's the point of WOAI/Zero? Increase awareness of natural language processing (NLP) and AI-driven image generation techniques. At the same time WOAI/Zero aims to be a de facto premier NFT collection crossing user-generated input and AI-generated artworks. Zero also serves as the testing ground for combining NFTs and AI systems; a precursor to the next WOAI collections.

What do we need this for? Nothing. Sometimes it is nice to have things just for the sake of having things.

What are the five coloured rectangles in the right bottom corner? Those are the DALL-E 2 "signature". It signs pictures it generates with this so people can recognise it as an AI-generated piece. It is, however, easy to pass this by, e.g., cropping the picture. Even though you can do so, you shouldn't.

How does it work? Owners of the WOAI/Zero NFT can use DALL-E 2 to generate an NFT representing any text prompt (up to 256 characters) as long as it adheres to OpenAI's content policy. That message is stored on the blockchain, where we read it, check that it is in good taste, does not violate OpenAI's Content Policy or Terms of Use, and does not conceivably offend others and then generate an image using DALL-E 2. Due to the rather slow and complex process only 25 WOAI/Zeros can be generated per day. The image, should it pass all the filters, will be uploaded to AWS where it will be hosted and served using CloudFront to anyone who wants to view it. Please get ready to wait up to 7 days for your NFT to sync up and show across the web. This might take even longer if we have to manually review it. If the image does not pass the review, we will run a setTokenURIGenerationFailed command, which makes your NFT an f-type WOAI/Zero. All f-types (short for "failed") share the same metadata and images. After most (or all) of the images have been generated, we'll migrate from AWS to IPFS, storing all metadata and images there.


Why can't I mint? The minting might have not started (starts Sep 6, 2022 at 12:00pm UTC) or the collection may have been sold out.

How do I enter a referral code? Click the box next to the "Referred?" text and enter the address into the box that appears.

Why am I not getting a referral discount? There are no referral discounts.

I haven't generated an image yet but my NFT has an image. Why? All non-generated WOAI/Zeros have the same image and metadata. This is known as the "p" -file (short for "pending").


How do find the Token ID? The easiest way is to open your wallet on Etherscan and navigate to the "Erc721 Token Txns" -tab. Here you'll find the identifier under the "Token ID" column.

Why cannot I generate a WOAI/Zero? There is a global limit of 25 generation requests per day. Check back tomorrow! The generator may also be manually paused if there is trouble with generating the images at the moment.

Why doesn't the field accept my generator value? The maximum length of the generator value is 256 characters.

How do I set the generator value again? You can only set the generator value once. It is irreversible and it is a great idea to do research on how DALL-E 2 works beforehand.

Why can't I see the generator result? It may take up to 7 days to process the message and for the results to sync and show on the NFT.

What happens if my generator value is not accepted? If your generator value cannot produce a result using DALL-E 2, e.g. it asks for violence or some other topic blacklisted by OpenAI (see the content policy), it will be marked as a failed WOAI/Zero. All failed WOAI/Zeros share the same metadata and same image, in effect becoming representations of one data point. Here's an example of a failed WOAI/Zero on the Rinkeby testnet on LooksRare.


Why does the result look completely different to what I expected? It might be possible that you broke some of DALL-E 2's rules. In this case, your NFT will become an "f" -type WOAI/Zero (short for "failed"). All "f" -types share the same metadata and imagery.

Why can't I view my Zero? It takes time to propagate the changes once the Zero has been generated. Please allow up to 7 days for the image and updated metadata to show up on woai.io, OpenSea, LooksRare, and other tools. You may be able to speed up this process by clicking the "Refresh metadata" -button on OpenSea and other third-party platforms.

How can I add the Zero to my Metamask? Click the "Import tokens" link and copy the contract address to the "Token Contract Address" -field. Set "Token Decimal" to 0 and click "Add Custom Token".

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